Four Gods


[TOKEN] Red Gem2022-05-18


We introduce Red Gem, the core commodity of economic currency in the Four Gods world.

◈ What is the Red Gem?

Red Gem is the most essential currency for Character growth such as Crafting, Exchanges, changing equipment options, etc.

Red Gem can be mined through mining dungeon, Battlefields, and PK.

◈ How to use the Red Gem

SHOP: You can purchase various buffs and items that are easy to grow characters at SHOP > Event SHOP.

Normal Crafting: Red Gem is consumed as a must for Crafting Equipment and Consumable items.

Exchange: You can purchase the other Guardian's sale items.

Add item option and socket: You can add options for your equipment, or add mountable sockets.

※Rather than the above Red Gem is required in various contents.

◈ How to acquire the Red Gem

① Collecting dungeon: Red Gem can be mined from the collecting dungeon.

② Castle hunting fields: Eliminate the monsters in each castle located in the MAP and obtain the Red Gem.

③ Tower of Departed: MAP> Eliminate the ancient monsters from Tower of Departed to acquire Red Gem.

▶ Collecting Dungeon & Tower of Departed PV

④ PK: You can loot the other Guardian's Red Gem by PK.


 Contents to acquire 

ContentsRate Max gain RedGems
Collecting Dungeon (Mine)10%
Hunting Field in Castle (Hunt)20%
Occupiable castle hunting Area (Hunt)20%
Departed Tower (Hunt)40%
Boss Area (Hunt)2.5%
Assault Dungeon (Hunt)2.5%
Arena Ranking2.5%
Super Clash Ranking2.5%

※ Red Gem can no longer acquire if you mine all the limited daily amount of Red Gem in the Collecting Dungeon.

※ Please enjoy other content to acquire the Red Gems, such as Boss raid, Tower of the Departed, etc.

※ You can get it through various other ranking rewards.

* The screenshots above were taken from the test version and may differ from the official version.

* The guide's contents may be changed according to updates in the future.

* Recent revision date: 2022-05-18