Four Gods


[Content] Boss Respond schedule2022-05-18


What We're going to introduce this time is a Field Boss guide that guides the appearance time of boss monsters appearing in the Ki Continent.

Are you ready to raid the Boss monsters?

◈ Boss Respond schedule (UTC+0)

03:0004:00Released Bird Demon
03:0004:00Released Kendatta
03:0004:00Released Black Dragon King
03:0004:00Released Giant God
15:0014:00Released Vajrasaki
15:0014:00Released Heavenly King
15:0014:00Released Powerful Preta
15:0014:00Released Asura
10:0011:00Released Beard Devil
14:0015:00Released Beard Devil
13:0014:00Released Depraved Worm
05:0006:00Heavenly King Fairy
05:0006:00Black Dragon King Fairy
05:0006:00Che Devil King
11:0012:00Heavenly King Fairy
11:0012:00Black Dragon King Fairy
11:0012:00Che Devil King
16:0017:00Departed Executor

▶ If no one raids for an hour after the boss appears, it will be sealed again and disappear.

▶ If no one is on the field at the time of the boss's appearance, it will be re-sealed immediately.

* The screenshots above were taken from the test version and may differ from the official version.

* The guide's contents may be changed according to updates in the future.

* Recent revision date: 2022-05-17