Four Gods


[System] Mount2022-05-18


Let me introduce you to the eternal companion ride to venture into the vast land of anticipation together.

◈ What is a Mount?

Mounts are essential companions to venture into a vast land of expectation.

You can use the Mount after reaching at 13 levels or higher and done with the Mount tutorial.

It increases the movement speed, and also increases the character's ability.

◈ Mount

① You can check the detailed stats of the Mount.

▶ There are different abilities depending on the type of the Mounts.

② You can check the stats and appearances of the MAX level of the Mount.

③ You can check out the Mounts that exist in Four Gods.

④ The dedicated Summon Stone is required to summon the Mount for the first time.

▶ You can obtain the Summon Stone in various places such as Package products, quests, and Red Gem purchases!

◈ Growth the Mounts

Leveling up the Mount increases the basic stats and changes the vehicle's appearance depending on the level.

① Fragment is required to level up the Mount.

※ You can acquire the Fragment through various contents.

※ The required Fragment will gradually increase depending on the level.

▶ There is a difference in the ability to increase for each Mount! Find a Mount that matches with the Four Gods.

◈ Evolve the Mount

① In order to upgrade a Mount, you need an additional Evolve Stone that matches the grade.

▶ Evolve Stone for each mount can be crafted from Normal Crafting > Consumable item.

You can check the appearance of the Mount that has changed after using Evolve Stone.

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* Recent revision date: 2022-05-18