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[Content] Guild Assembly Area2022-05-18


◈ Guild Assembly Area

The Guild Assembly Area is a Guild's hideout for freely gathering and using by Guild members, and various contents are available.

You can move to Guild's hideout by clicking the [Guild] > [Guild Assembly Area] icon.

① You can check the attendance of the Guild every day.

- Each attendance will earn 10 Guild EXP, and all Guild members' experiences will be combined to earn rewards according to the final achievement level.

② You can check the Guild Attendance Rewards available for each level.

▶ Don't forget to attend once a day to get various reward

◈ Guild Dungeon

Guild Dungeon is a dungeon where all the Guild members enter freely to hunt monsters for rewards.

The locked dungeon can be unlocked with the Guild Gold when a certain level of Guild is reached.

※ Only the Guild master can unlock the Guild Dungeon.

◈ Guild War

Guild War is a content that competes with other Guild.

Take a victory from the Guild Wars and raise up the honor to all the Guild members.

① You can click the Guild War icon at the Guild Assembly Area to proceed with the War.

① You can manage the participating Guild War members to join the War.

② You can check the list of members of the Guild who want to participate, and you can decide whether to participate in the Guild Wars through the check box.

③ If you decide on the members of the Guild Wars, press the [Decide] button for the final decision.

① You can manage the troops such as Towers, Mercenaries, and Guardian Spirit to defend our Guild camp during the Guild War.

② Materials to grow the troops must be obtained by Guild members individually, and the acquired materials can be used to gain EXP to strengthen the troops.

③ Guild Master/Elder can upgrade the troops. Once the enhancing EXP reaches the maximum value.

④ You cannot enhance the level of troops beyond the Guild's level.

※ Clan War is reset every at 11:30 (UTC+0).

[Conditions for victory]

1. The Guild that acquired more ★.

2. The Guild with a high rate of destruction if the number of acquiring ★ is the same.

3. If both conditions above are the same, it's Draw.

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* Recent revision date: 2022-05-18