Four Gods


[Content] Castle Hunting Field & Conquest2022-05-18


You can see the various castles where the devil is waiting if you open the map.

Introducing the Castle Hunting Field for more effective character growth.

◈ Castle Hunting Field

Castle Hunting Fields are hunting grounds where you can gain more EXP and quality items than monsters in the normal field.

Castle Hunting Field

Sky Demon






Legion Preta's







Recommended Level






50 ~ 200
50 ~ 200

There are 6 kinds of Castle Huntin Field:

Sky Demon Castle, Vajrasaki's Castle, Dhritarashtra's Castle, Legion Preta's Castle, Asura's Castle, and Hemachandra Castle.

※ Hemachandra Castle can be used anytime, but the other 5 Castles can only be used for an hour every day.

※ Every Cas Hunting Field has recommended Level to enter.

※ The entry time is reset every day at 00:00. (based on server time)

▶After entering the Castle Hunting Field, enjoy hunting monsters that match the Guardian's level on the map!

① You can obtain various Spells, Materials, and accessories, including Red Gem.

② You can earn points by hunting monsters, and you will be rewarded if you reach your target score.

③ Ranking is based on accumulated scores, and rewards are paid by Ranking.

◈ Castle Conquest

The Conquest is a content that can compete with the opposing Guild to occupy the Castle Hunting Fields.

You can enter the Conquest starting from 50 levels, and it only opens during 12:00 ~ 12:40 (UTC+0) every Sunday.

◈ Conquest bidding

① After entering, you can bid by selecting the last Guild you want to occupy.

② If you score more than 500 points by holding an auction with other Guilds, you can occupy the castle, and if you succeed in bidding, the Guild can occupy the Castle Hunting Field, and a total of 15 Guardians are limited to participants.

※ Only clan funds can be used for bidding before occupation.

※ The application for occupation Conquest is only available with Guild Master, and bidding is possible for only one castle at a time.

※ Except for the factions that have successfully bid, you cannot proceed with the occupation battle, and the unsuccessful factions will receive a refund of the bid amount excluding some fees.

※ Only those who succeeded in bidding cannot proceed with the occupation war, and those who failed will be returned the bid amount, excluding some fees.

◈ Benefits of Conquest

① If the Conquest is successfully conquered within seven days, the Guild buff will be provided, and a title will be added above the character.

② Rewards earned in the Conquest will only be paid to participants.

Conquest Schedule (UTC+0)

Bidding time /

Bidding termination

00:00 ~ 11:59

Enter the Conquest


Battle begin/end

12:00 ~ 12:40

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