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[Content] Collecting Dungeon2022-05-18


We are introducing the Collecting Dungeon where you can acquire various Materials and Red Gem.

◈ Collecting Dungeon

The Collecting Dungeon is available from level 25, and it is the most essential content to supply and craft materials.

It is a highly utilized dungeon since the Red Gem can be acquired either. However, there is always danger in this area where PK is available.

◈ Available items

You can click the MAP in the upper right corner to locate the collections.

Plant Zone/Ore Zone/Bone Zone: This is the area where each dedicated collection appears.

Center Zone: All of the above collections are gathered.

※ Please be in mind that the Dungeon boss appears twice a day and bothers the guardians in the Center Zone.

◈ Collecting

The more proficiency you get, and the more intermittent. Additionally you can acquire Red Gem either.

① Collecting Proficiency: As the collection proficiency increases, the collection speed and success probability increase.

② Probability of success: the probability of acquiring a collection and a Red Gem each time it is collected

* The screenshots above were taken from the test version and may differ from the official version.

* The guide's contents may be changed according to updates in the future.

* Recent revision date: 2022-05-18