Four Gods


Bit AIRDROP EVENT2022-06-15


Oriental Fantasy MMORPG

Greeting, Guardians This is Four Gods.

Bit AIRDROP event with Four Gods!

Complete all missions and receive various coins!

Please check the below for more details.

◈ Event Schedule (UTC+0)

- 06/15 06:00 ~ 08/31 14:59

◈ Event Contents

- If you complete the various [P Missions] through gleam. The special reward will pour!

◈ How to Participate

1. Go to the gleam event page.

▶ Go to the event

2. Complete all the missions after logging in.

※ The participation in the event won't be accepted if you do not complete all the gleam missions.

◈ How to obtain the EVENT [P] (Missions)

Mission #1LUX Token Lock-up Staking
ContentP is measured based on the LUX Token that staked on 8/31.

Base Point

(Max Point)

100 LUX


Point Rate200LUX : 1P
100LUX : 1P, 300LUX : 2P, 500LUX : 3P
Mission #2
Achieve maximum combat power

Increases by 1P per 50,000 Combat Power.

(Base on the highest Combat Power chracter)

Base Point

(Max Point)

30,000 Combat Power


Point Rate50,000 Combat Power: 1P
30,000 Combat Power: 1P, 80,000 Combat Power: 2P, 130,000 Combat Power: 3P
Mission #3
level achievement

The point increases by 1P every 10 levels after level 70.

(Base on the highest Level chracter)

Base Point

(Max Point)



Point Rate
Lv.10 : 1P
Lv.70 : 1P, Lv.80 : 2P, Lv.90 : 3P
Mission #4
LUX Token > Red Gem Exchange
1P will be increased when exchanging from LUX Token to Red Gem 100 times.

※ You can acquire up to 100P.

Base Point

(Max Point)

100 Times


Point Rate 100 Times: 1P
100 Times : 1P, 200 Times : 2P, 300 Times : 3P
Mission #5
Attendance Verification

From the time of the first payment of Bit Event attendance package within the event period, P increases according to the number of access days.

※ You must log in for at least 30 minutes of attendance to be accepted.

※ Regardless of the amount, the attendance verification mission starts after the first payment for the Bit Event attendance package.

Base Point

(Max Point)

Point Rate 
7D : 1P
Example7D : 1P, 14D : 2P, 21D : 3P
Mission #6Purchases
Content1P will be increased for every $20 spent on Guardians who pay at least $1.
Base Point

(Max Point)

Point Rate 20$ : 1P
20$ : 1P, 40$ : 2P, 60$ : 3P
Mission #7Four Gods NFT
1P increases depending on the number of NFTs you own at the end of the event
Base Point

(Max Point)



Point Rate 1 NFT : 1P
Example1 NFT : 1P, 2 NFT : 2P, 3 NFT : 3P

▶ You can check your acquired Points by clicking the [B] icon on the main screen!

◈ Event Reward

The following Coins & Tokens will be compensated to the selected Guardians who participated in the event by randomly.

RewardReward CountsWinners
LUX Token1050,000
▶ You can get a higher chance of winning if higher the [P] is finally obtained through [P Missions].

※ LUX Token will be converted into Red Gem and paid out.

※ Winners will be announced through a separate notice after the event ends.

◈ Notes

* This event reward and content may be changed without further notice by the company's internal matters.

* Failure to follow the participation rules may void your entry.

* You can only participate once per account.

(If a macro with the same IP address or UID is detected, all accounts will be disqualified.)

* The rewards will not be compensated if the account is not connected for 7 days from the compensation date.

We, The Four Gods will do our best.

Thank you.