Four Gods


Labor Day Celebration Coupon2023-04-27


Oriental Fantasy MMORPG

Greeting, Guardians This is Four Gods.

We have prepared a Coupon to celebrate Labor Day.

Don't miss the special coupon during the Period!

Please refer to the details below.

◈ Labor Day Celebration Coupon

※ Coupon Code: FG0501

- Coupon Reward

The Energy of Wealth10
Plum Blossom Blessing10
Roulette Ticket10

- Coupon Expire Date: 2023.05.31 (UTC+0)14:59

◈ How to register the Coupon

- Enter the Coupons from the Main Menu>Setting>Other.

- Reward is sent to Mailbox.

※ It can be used only once per account and cannot be used repeatedly.

※ The Coupon is unavailable in iOS devices.

We will do our best for Four Gods.

Thank you.