Four Gods


Four Gods Server Merges2023-09-21


Oriental Fantasy MMORPG

Greeting, Guardians This is Four Gods.

Server Merges will be carried out on 10/26(Thu) to provide a smooth game environment for all Guardians. 

Please refer to the below for more details.

◈ Four Gods Server Merges

1. Planned Merges

All Servers
ASIA01~07, ASIA08, NA01~02, SA01~02, IN01, AT01, EU01, EUROPE

* You can enter the server you used to play, but you will meet Guardians from other server in the field.

2. Merge server standard time

- UTC+8

3. Character Name & Guild Name

- After merging servers, the server name will be displayed before the character name.

- Character Rename Ticket will be given after the Merges.

- The Server name will be shown before the Guild Name after the Merges.

- Guild Rename Ticket will be compensated for all the Guild Masters after Merging process.

4. How to connect the game after Server Merging

- You can only access your original server.

5. Remain & Change Informations

- Remaining Information

ContentsRemaining Information
Characters & AccountCombat Power, Level, Gear, Item, Codex, Warehouse, Achievement, Quest List, Title, Dungeon, Friends, Exchange, Mailbox, Shop, etc.
GuildGuild Member, Guild Level, Guild Check-in, Contribute, Guild Dungeon, etc.

- Resets & Changes Information

ContentsResets & Changes Information
RankingCombat Power, Level, Guild, Duel, Demon King war will be changes based on the Merged server information.
Castle Hunting RankingReset all of the information
4vs4 ArenaReset all of the information
Super ClashReset all of the information
Owned CastleReset all of the occupied Castles
In-game EventRenew the In-game Events

Please check the noted information regarding the Server Merging in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

More detailed information will be notified separately.

Thank you.