Four Gods


Pre-Registration is Ongoing!2022-04-05


Oriental Fantasy MMORPG

Greeting, Guardians This is Four Gods.

Finally, The Pre-registration of Four Gods has begun on 04/05 02:00 (UTC+0)

Please refer to the information below to participate in Pre-Register.

* Participate in Pre-Registration and join the journey of the Gods right now!

◈ Pre-Registration Schedule

- 04/05 02:00 (UTC+0) - Until further announcement

◈ How to participate in Pre-Registration

1. Go to Four Gods' official brand page or select a Store that fits on your device at the bottom.

☞ Pre-Registration Page [Go to]

2. Click the Pre-register button from the Store!

◈ Pre-Registration Rewards

◈ How to get Pre-Registration Hidden Rewards

1. Capture the completed screen of Pre-register!

2. The Rewards will be compensated to selected players who certify the captured Pre-Register image and WEMIX Wallet's address.

* The Hidden reward will be compensated sequentially after the Grand Open.

☞ Certifying the Entry [Go to]

☞ Download the WEMIX Wallet Google Play [Go to]

☞ Download the WEMIX Wallet App Store [Go to]

◈ Notes

* The Hidden Reward will be given to selected 100,000 participants who met the conditions, and it will be announced through separate notice.

* Failure to follow the participation rules may void your entry.

* Pre-Registration Rewards will be compensated in batches.

* This event may be changed or terminated early without further notice by the company's internal matters.

* The rewards will be sent directly to the Mailbox in-game.

We will do our best with various news and events for all Guardians in Four Gods.

Thank you.