Four Gods


08/04 Patch Note2022-08-04


Oriental Fantasy MMORPG

Greeting, Guardians This is Four Gods.

These are the details of the update scheduled for 08/04

Please refer the information below for more details.

◈ [Four Gods on WEMIX] 08/04 Update Details

1. Event

1) Specific Item Purchase EventⅠ(Green Gem)

- Event Schedule: After the 08/04 Maintenance - 08/17 23:59 (UTC+0)

- Content: If you purchase the Green Gem the various items will be payback as rewards.

Specific Item Purchase EventⅠ
Green Gem Package
Purchase Count
Bonus Rewards
680 Green Gem
1 Time
Blessed Enhancement Spell x1
2040 Green Gem
1 Time
Blessed Enhancement Spell x3
3400 Green Gem
1 Time
Blessed Enhancement Spell x7
6800 Green Gem
1 Time
Aspect Gear Stele Ticket (Legendary) x5
6800 Green Gem
3 Time
Evil Elimination Gear Selection Ticket (D) x1

※ The Bonus rewards will be given only once per account.

※ You can acquire the Bonus Rewards through "Ongoing Event" → "Specific Item Purchase Event" after purchase the Green Gem Package.

2. Strengthen the security program

- Secondary reinforcement of security program to block illegal programs

3. Added Packages

1) REFLECT Event Check-in Package

- Price: 2,000 Green Gem

- Location: Shop → View Shop Items

▲ You must purchase this package to participate in the REFLECT coin launch event.

※ REFLECT Coin Celebration Event is currently ongoing, where you can get 100,000 Red Gem!

☞ REFLECT Coin Celebration Event [Go to]

4. System Improvement

- The purchase counts of the Attendance Gold Package in the Shop will be changed to once a month.

- The quantity of components in the Basic Growth Package has been changed. (Growth Fragment 120 → 200)

- The 240-minute login Ads reward has been changed from Lux Exchange Tickets to 5 Greem Gems.

- Among the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Mission rewards, the Lux Exchange Ticket will be changed to a Normal/Rare/Unique Aspect Gear Ticket.

- Lux exchange tickets that can be obtained in Unlimited Dungeon are changed to Upgrade Stone(c).

- The time on the AT server will change (existing > -2 hours)

5. Bug and Issue Fixes

- Kendatta's Essence Codex Image has been fixed.

- An issue has been fixed where the Equipped & Aspect Gears are not displaying in inventory.

- Fixed an issue where Lithograph could be acquired in bulk.

We will do our best for better Four Gods.

Thank you.