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Four Gods Huawei App Gallery Service End Notice2023-09-21


Oriental Fantasy MMORPG

Greeting, Guardians This is Four Gods.

Unfortunately, we would like to inform you that the Four Gods service in the Huawei App Gallery market will end on Thursday, October 19.

Starting October 19, you will no longer be able to download Four Gods from the Huawei App Gallery market, 

and you will not be able to play it with apps previously downloaded through the App Gallery.

Since the Four Gods app provided in the App Gallery does not link accounts with apps provided in other markets
(Googleplay, Appstore, Galaxy Store, Onestore), Guardians playing in the App Gallery will need to transfer their accounts.

If you are an App Gallery user, please download the Fourgods app from another market such as Googleplay, create a new account, 
and fill out the two account information in the inquiry form, and we will transfer your account.

*Even if you use the same Google account in App Gallery and Google Play, 

you will be connected as a different character, so you will need to transfer your account.

*Huawei accounts are not supported by other market apps such as googleplay, so you must use a Google, Apple or Facebook account.

The relevant details are as follows.

◈ [Four Gods] Huawei App Gallery Service End Notice

1. Huawei App Gallery Four Gods Service End Date: 10/19(Thu)

  - Downloading and playing the app will no longer be possible after 10/19(Thu).

2. Huawei App Gallery Four Gods in-app closure: 9/21(Thu) 5:00 (UTC+0)

3. Account Transfer Request Form

  1) Recipient:

  2) form


1. Huawei App Gallery account (account to be transferred)

  1) Server name:

  2) Nickname:

  3) Membership number:

2. Googleplay account (account to receive transfer)

  1) Server name:

  2) Nickname:

  3) Membership number:


4. How to check the information required for account transfer

  1) Server name: Check on the server selection screen

  2) Nickname: My character name

  3) Membership number: [Settings] - [Other] - [Membership number]

*After account transfer, the transferred account information will be deleted.

*Guardians who are using Googleplay, Appstore, Onestore, or Galaxy Store can play the same as before without any changes.

We will do our best for better Four Gods.

Thank you.