Four Gods


09/14 Patch Note2023-09-14


Oriental Fantasy MMORPG

Greeting, Guardians This is Four Gods.

These are the details of the update scheduled for 09/14.

Please refer the information below for more details.

◈ [Four Gods] 09/14 Patch Note

1. New Events

 1) Daily Total Spending Event (9/14(Thu) ~ 9/27(Wed))

 2) Total Spending Event (9/14(Thu) ~ 9/27(Wed))

 3) Green Gem Recharge 1+1 Event (9/14(Thu) ~ 9/27(Wed))

 4) HOT Burning Event (9/14(Thu) ~ 10/4(Wed))

 - Snowfield, Guild Dungeon, Hemachandra Castle, Silver Castle, Tower of the Departed drop rate increased by 100%

 - Sky Demon Castle, Vajrasaki's Castle, Dhritarashtra's Castle, Legion Preta's Castle, Asura's Castle only increase the drop rate by 50%.

 5) Special Mission Event (9/14(Thu) ~ 10/4(Wed))

 6) Mileage Discount Event (9/14(Thu) ~ 10/4(Wed))
 7) Aspect Gear Craft Discount Event (9/14(Thu) ~ 10/4(Wed))

  - [Normal Crafting] - [Other] - [Special]

 8) Cross Demon King Event Roulette (9/28(Thu) ~ 10/11(Wed))

 - It is a roulette where you can get Cross Demon King Fragment.

 9) Daily Payment Amount Event (9/28(Thu) ~ 10/11(Wed))

 10) Total Payment Amount Event (9/28(Thu) ~ 10/11(Wed))

 11) We have reset the number of purchases for the SSS Stone Package, which is a limited-purchase product.

The next maintenance is scheduled for 10/5(Thu) due to Chuseok holiday.

We will do our best for better Four Gods.

Thank you.