Four Gods


08/31 Patch Note2023-08-31


Oriental Fantasy MMORPG

Greeting, Guardians This is Four Gods.

These are the details of the update scheduled for 08/31.

Please refer the information below for more details.

◈ [Four Gods] 08/31 Patch Note

1. New Events

 1) Tower of the Departed Mission Event extension (08/31(Thu) ~ 09/13(Wed))

 2) Tower of the Departed 1F & 2F & 3F Boss Appearance Event extension (08/31(Thu) ~ 09/13(Wed))

 3) Daily Payment Amount Event (08/31(Thu) ~ 09/13(Wed))

 4) Total Payment Amount Event (08/31(Thu) ~ 09/13(Wed))

 5) Benefits for Arena (08/31(Thu) ~ 09/13(Wed))

  - 4vs4 Arena Daily Reward x2

3. Bug & Error Fix

 1) Fixed an error where EX Success occurred when enhancing with Enhancement Spell.
- The probability of EX Success when enhanced with The Blessed Enhancement Spell has slightly increased.

We will do our best for better Four Gods.

Thank you.